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ARCHIBELLO Design Studio

Interior design - LIFESTYLE - Well-being


The heart of the interior design consists in creating an exchange and communication between the different architectural elements, furnishings and decoration, resulting in visual and sensory harmony.

By taking into account the most important characteristics of these elements - their functionality, durability, ergonomics, aesthetics, appearance… - and the limits of the architectural form, the successful design transforms the interior and installs individuality and balance.


Interior spaces that look like you.


ARCHIBELLO Design Studio designs and produces elegant and functional interiors, reflecting the individuality of its clients through the prism of sensitivity, simplicity and reliability. Interior designer Ana GOLEVA and her team apply a comprehensive and personalized approach to the ART OF LIVING and WELL-BEING in their residential, rental and hospitality projects.
ARCHIBELLO Design Studio creates comfortable, harmonious, special, unique and elegant interior spaces.
In close collaboration with renowned craftsmen and manufacturers, ARCHIBELLO Design Studio operates in Luxembourg, Alsace and Lorraine. We work on individual projects in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Bulgaria.


Our job is to materialize your desires.


Interior Designer Mission - From design to completion


 Do the things in the right order: LISTEN to UNDERSTAND you - DESIGN the future interior in the smallest DETAIL - SUPPORT you to achieve your DREAM project.



  • Apartment, house, guest house, vacation home.
  • Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, veranda.



  • Development plan, architectural plan correction, 3D visualization.



  • High-end designer furniture carefully selected to match the interior space.



Pre-Project SummaryFinal Draft 

- drawing of existing and projected plans

- sections, detailed plans

- 3D visualizations

- mood boards

- product listings

- custom furniture

- high-end furniture

 Assistance for project management

Site supervision



Questions ? Contact us!

 We will be pleased to communicate with you to best answer your questions in order to make your project possible while ensuring that your expectations are met.


See you soon ! 

The ARCHIBELLO Design Studio team