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About Us

ARCHIBELLO mobilier & design is the result of the symbiosis between interior architecture, designer furniture and beauty.



Ana GOLEVA - interior designer, decorator, entrepreneur and founder of ARCHIBELLO.


In love with life and passionate explorer traveler, Ana offers her clients a globalist, multicolored and personalized approach.

Born and raised on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, Ana spent different periods of her life in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, England, to finally settle between France and Luxembourg.

Her vision, inspired by cultural and geographic diversity, the richness, individuality and authenticity of the human spirit, is woven into her designs.

Her interiors incorporate this perception, through simple shapes, practical and elegant beauty, carefully selected furniture and balanced color palettes.


A great appreciator of art in all its forms, Ana seeks to establish harmony between the interior and exterior of the human being and to express the absolute of the individual spirit within the confines of the interior space.